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saKhan Succession[edit]

I left the title position box empty for "succeeded by". It may well be Dembe N'Buta, but there's a small chance that maybe Clancy Truscott could have had a brief few years mixed in there prior to him becoming Khan. Maybe it would be a good question for the devs. --Rebs 08:57, 13 April 2012 (PDT)

Just got the answer back, take a look at this list. [1] What do you guys think of use of this information? As Bones noted, this is not official. But it is from his list, I assume one he made prior to writing the Star Adder section of FM: Crusader Clans. --Rebs 22:35, 13 April 2012 (PDT)
Well, you might get more attention on the issue if you raise it on on talk page of Policy Talk: Canon. If it was Herb or someone other with a white mech, I would say canon, but in this case when it is only a freelance writer, I am unsure how to treat it. --Neufeld 23:22, 13 April 2012 (PDT)
All answers in the "Ask the Writers" section are canon by default, because only the writers can answer posts in these parts of the forum. However, in this particular case Christoffer "Bones" Trossen explicitly put in a disclaimer stating that this is unpublished information that might be changed. It's arbitrarily canon; in any case, it's apocryphal and, until overridden by newer canon, can be taken at face value. Frabby 06:55, 14 April 2012 (PDT)
Posted at the cannon discussion page. This alters a lot of connected small details, mostly dates. This could be a huge job if this list were for Clan Wolf. But it's the Star Adders, so at the moment, it's not too many pages affected, and I can handle it since I'm in the midst of the Star Adder jungle right now. --Rebs 08:12, 14 April 2012 (PDT)
Coming back to this subject... after learning a great deal about what should and should not go into an article, clearly, I have not really made use of that list that I was given. That's good that I did not use it, because it opens the gate to supposition. Published sources are all I used. But it was a good list, and Bones was cool about it to let me in on that item. I was honored. (I did use the Gerek Tchernovkov info he gave me, but that was different because he acknowledged the FM Warden Clans was in error and meant kaKhan). Anyway, please weigh in on this if you feel like it, anyone. --Rebs (talk) 20:38, 29 January 2013 (PST)