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Aldrin Nebula & RWR OP #4[edit]

FYI, the "Aldrin Nebula" and RWR OP #4 situate precisely at the location of the spectacular binary supernova of KIC 983227 first observed at Terra in 2022. The "Aldrin Nebula" could be classifiable as a Supernova Remnant (SNR) or neutron-star derived Pulsar Wind Nebula (PWN). RWR OP4 is ideally positioned for scientific research purposes...

Likewise, the "Interstellar Expeditions Base 422" is actually deep in the heart of the Orion Nebula... the MWGalaxy spins left-handed from above the north celestial pole, so if Coreward is "up" then Spinward is "left"... So Orion is actually out past FWL & MoC... And the Vela SNR's of the Gum Nebula actually bound the periphery of the LC... The Kerensky exodus hooked around the Aquila Rift dark cloud, as if to plausibly obscure themselves from the IS, as they exited "Coreward + Spinward" from the DC... Please peruse the following figure: