This is the template documentation page for {{InfoBoxJumpShip}}.
It is not intended to be viewed directly. If it uses parameters, some links may appear broken. Do not replace these variables with hardcoded page names or URLs.

Usage instructions[edit]

  • Copy and paste the following code into the top of the article, filling the appropriate fields.
    • If a field is unknown, leave it blank.
    • For the image field, just the name of the image is sufficient. e.g., Example.jpg, Example.png, etc.

|Tech Base=
|Sail Diameter=
|Burn Rate=
|Top Thrust=
|Sail Integrity=
|KF Drive Integrity=
|LF Battery=
|DropShip Capacity=
|Grav Decks=
|Escape Pods/Life Boats=
|Heat Sinks=
|Structural Integrity=
|BV (1.0)=
|BV (2.0)=