Terrence Marik

This article is about the eleventh Captain-General of the Free Worlds League. For the fourth and twenty-seventh Captains-General (respectively), see Terrence Marik (24th c.) and Terrence Marik (27th c.).

Terrence Marik (born 2375—died 2446) was the 11th Captain-General of the Free Worlds League.[1] He was the second-oldest son of Peter Marik.[2]


In 2427 the Lyran Commonwealth invaded Bolan. The Free Worlds League Parliament offered the position of Captain-General to Terrence Marik, but, like his father Peter, Terrance refused to serve with the War Powers Act in effect because of the restrictions it would have placed on him. After the near-calamitous tenure of Joseph Stewart, Parliament did not have the will to oppose House Marik any longer. After Dixie and Kamenz fell, too, Parliament acted. The deliberative body repealed the law and the Speaker led a delegation to Terrence's estate near Dormuth on Marik to personally deliver him the news. She again asked him to serve as Captain-General. Terrence swiftly accepted the appointment and set about crafting his strategy.[2][3]

Terrence only served in the official capacity as Captain-General for two one-year terms in 2427 and 2432. He led the Free Worlds League Military as Minister of Defense, however, and actively campaigned for fourteen years. During those years, he blunted Lyran advances and fought them to stalemates, but he was unable to retake Bolan or Kamenz.[2][3]

Terrence announced his retirement as Minister of Defense and Captain-General in 2441. House Marik met at Dormuth in the winter of that year to determine Terrence's successor. His daughter Micaela pressed her claim while Terrence's nephew George spoke in favor of his father, Terrence's younger brother Peter. A heated discussion turned into an argument that culminated in insults. Terrance stayed quiet throughout the exchange until he ended it by declaring that his daughter had dishonored her uncle by her words. The sixty-two year old Peter bested the thirty-nine year old Micaela in a duel with swords, making him Terrence's successor.[4][5]

Death and afterward[edit]

Terrence Marik died in 2446.[1]


Preceded by
Joseph Stewart
Captain-General of the Free Worlds League
2427 (first term)
2432 (second term)

Succeeded by
Peter Marik


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