Theodor Logan

Theodor Logan
Vessel Profile
Type WarShip
Class Black Lion


The SLS Theodor Logan is a Black Lion-class WarShip. The vessel became a part of the High Command's Squadron of the SLDF First Fleet. The SLS Theodor Logan was an escort for the Squadron's flagship, the McKenna-class SLS Enterprise, and one of only three vessels within the squadron to survive the first few hours of the naval battle for the Terran system that accompanied Stefan Amaris' coup. The Theodor Logan escorted the surviving members of the SLDF High Command to a safe jump point before rejoining the battle alongside the Enterprise. The Theodor Logan continued to fight after the Enterprise was destroyed, and was one of the last six SLDF WarShips to survive in the Terran system. The Theodor Logan was destroyed on the 29th of December 2766 by a massed Rim Worlds Republic fleet.[1]


The name Theodor Logan is likely a reference to the pop culture figure Ted "Theodore" Logan from the movie Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure. The other lead character from the same film, William "Bill" S. Preston Esq. is referenced via another former SLDF WarShip, the Black Lion-class CSA Admiral William S. Preston detailed in other BattleTech sourcebooks, including Field Manual: Crusader Clans, Field Manual: Updates and Wars of Reaving.


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