Triads and Tongs

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As a group with a long history they are a formation with great influence.


With their roots on Terra in the asain region, the TOngs/Triads of to day operate mainly in the Capellan Confederation or communities of asian people. They operate often local and defend their territory against any bad influence with full force.




  • triad/tong leaders
are the CEO of these gangs.
  • incense masters
controll every aspect of the business and enforce a uniqui idendity.
  • deputy leaders
are the second in command and coordinate the smaller business .
  • operations managers
they are the managers of the daily business.
  • combination liaison
these members are responsible for the smothness of the operations with in the tongs/triad.
  • recruiter
supply the groups with new manpower
  • enforcers and administrators
controll the lowest end of the herachy with force.



Low Level[edit]

The common member are good informations about the daily business in the street, but it could a dangers when they think somebody will do business in their territory.

Medium Level[edit]

They know the working of the the business and have enough influence to support operations in their thoughts.

High Level[edit]

Often they lead their organization with iron will and hand. Any possible danger are treated with full force. Fierce loyality and brutality are the wepaons of joice.