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  • Hi, welcome to BattleTechWiki. Thanks a lot for the effort you put in to building the article on the Fox class Warship. However, if you look back through your contributions, you'll see that you (accidentally) erased another article (Help:Creation) in the process, overwriting it with the article you wrote. Fortunately, its not a big deal to correct, just two clicks. No harm done. However, two things I realized: one, the fluff text was a direct copy from the TRO:3057, and I'm afraid we're not allowed, by copywrite law, to post direct articles like that (simple quotes are fine). I'd suggest re-writing what you see in your own words and make the article completely your own. Second, the fact that the article that got over written was Help:Creation makes me think that my instructions on how to build new articles may be flawed. If you could help me by telling me what part was confusing, I'd be glad to fix my mistake. Any feedback you can provide would be helpful to me. Thanks.

--Revanche (admin) 22:52, 29 October 2006 (CST)

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