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  • Hey, Rantamplan! This is your talk page. It has a nice feature where a reminder will pop up (whenever you get a new post on it) on every page you visit, until you visit this page again. So...would you like me to take you through how to transfer your essay to the talk page? Or do you have any other questions I might be able to answer? Oh, I gotta question for you: did you change the name on the essay from Rantamplan to Mantis? I want to be sure someone isn't trying to take vandalize it, otherwise. Also, check out the Help link, to the left. I've tried to introduce a lot of new-user instructions over there. Your input on my efforts would be valuable. Revanche 07:18, 28 September 2006 (CDT)
  • Hi revanche and thanks for your help :) I just noticed about my page and all that, as i told i dont expect to build my own mage.... but it could be, let me know how to transfer the essay but i dont understand why it should be moved to the talk page... (talk page isnt this one we are talking now in? shouldnt we move it to a standard page in my own page? this is a bit complex LoL) and yes, i changed the name of theh essay from rantamplan to mantis becouse althuogh i use this nick for keeping my "non important" acounts with same login mantis is the nick i use for playing neveron, most people in neveron know me for that nick and in case someone reads the article and search for me in-game it will be much easier for him to find me with that name.
    • I shouldn't go on your talk page, but on your UserPage. I think changing the name of the author to Mantis makes sense; I won't revert it then, since its not a vandal. Now, as for moving it to your userpage, I could do it easily enough myself, but since you want to know, I think this would be a good lesson for you. Trust me: I know how daunting wikis can seem at first. I've been doing it since January and feel like I may possibly know 20% of what there is to know. But, the hardest part is the first step, and you're about to sail through it. I'm gonna give you step-by-step (hopefully) instructions to help you out. If you want to print them out, a good way to do so is to click on the Printable version link on the bottom-left side. Another way is to open another browser (Ctrl-N) and follow along there. Here goes:
  1. Go to My neveron history.
  2. Click on the edit tab.
  3. Copy all of the text there except for the {{cleanup}} tag.
  4. Click on your name, at the very top of the page.
  5. Paste the text there.
  6. (optional) Scroll to the bottom of your page to the Summary field and write a simple statement about your edit (trust me: it helps later when you're trying to figure out what you did).
  7. Click on Save page and you're good to go!
  1. You can delete the original essay by going the edit tab for that page and deleting the text saving it, but I'll be glad to do that for you.

If you're interested in creating more pages, I was thinking of creating a category that shines directly on Neveron factions. Let me know if you're interested and we'll collaborate. Good luck! Revanche 10:11, 28 September 2006 (CDT)

  • Hi again, just copied all the text to my page supose all is right but would be great if you can check it, if all is OK you can delete the old post and create a new link for this one or let me know how to do it and ill do it mishelf, on the other issue, im not sure if ill be the adecuate person for helping you in the factions thing, maybe i can handle you info or make something about Komando korps, but im very low on neveron politics so probably most of the info i could handle you or post here would be erroneus or at least out-dated, i know though that a guy in my faction called "fallstar" (you can check for that nick in chat) wanted to do something like that for our faction (writting something in the forums search for a logotype and such) maybe you want to contact him about it. Rantamplan
    • Good job, it looks great. If you'd allow me, I'd be glad to 'wikiyfy' your essay some (I'm supposed to ask before changing someone's UserPage). I'll even credit it to 'Mantis' boldly, so it'll be easier to find when people search for 'mantis'. Thanks for the Fallstar idea. I just might follow you up on that, 'cause it'd help me create some of the templates needed for personal projects like that. If you have any information on the Komando korps, then anything you write there would be helpful for other editors (myself included) in expanding it. Feel free, Rantamplan, to jump right in. The thing about a wiki is that we're all equal editors. The only people that have more authority are Admins. I'm really glad to see others (like CJKeys and yourself) weighing in. The three of us are the first Editors of this wiki and that may mean a lot when this thing is big. Revanche 15:19, 28 September 2006 (CDT)
  • Yes please feel free to add or change the page in wathever you want as long as you leave the history as it is. and about doing more mork for the page... sincerelly i havent thougth on it yet, i wrotte that history when we had few job on work but now and probably for some time we have a lot of it so ill probably will not have time for this for quite a long time, sorry for the short answer but got to go now, see you around. Rantamplan