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| image    =  
| image    = [[Image:Concap_-_crc_-_6th_Confederation_Reserve_Cavalry.gif‎|150px]]
| nickname = Hustaing Warriors
| nickname = Hustaing Warriors
| parent formation = [[Confederation Reserve Cavalry]]
| parent formation = [[Confederation Reserve Cavalry]]

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Concap - crc - 6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry.gif
Unit Profile (as of 3063)
Nickname Hustaing Warriors
Parent Formation Confederation Reserve Cavalry
Formed 3060


The unit was created by Chancellor Sun-Tzu Liao in wake of invasion of rogue St. Ives Compact 2nd battalion of the Blackwind Lancers in 3060. The unit's creation partially political in nature and lead to the Capellan-St. Ives War. The Homeworld of the 6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry is Hustaing.

Raised from Home Guard forces, volunteers, and retired CCAF officers on Hustaing, using equipment seized from the Blackwind Lancers. The unit's workup/training was assisted Warrior House Hiritsu.

Homeworld of the 6th is Hustaing.


As of 3063 the Commanding Officer was Sang-shao Ni Tehn Dho.





  • 6th Confederation Reserve Cavalry (Hustaing Warriors) (1 Regiment)
    • 1st Battalion: Zhong-shao Torri Chan
    • 2nd Battalion: Zhong-shao Jeremy Kubasik
    • 3rd Battalion: Zhong-shao Dan Evans


  • Hustaing Armor Corps (1 Regiment)
    • Armor Commander: Zhong-shao Ilsa Cappuccio