237th Light Cavalry Regiment

237th Light Cavalry Regiment
Disbanded 2589
Affiliation Pirate
Parent Command N/A


The 237th Light Cavalry Regiment was an Armed Forces of the Federated Suns BattleMech regiment that deserted during the Reunification War.[1][2] The 237th had taken heavy damage in a wasteful military operation against the Taurian Defense Force on Sterope,[1] and the survivors had abandoned the Federated Suns, taking their dependents with them.[1][2]

The survivors of the 237th made it to the Tortuga Prime system, settling on the third world in the system, which appeared to have a benign climate, mild seasons and a lack of infectious diseases. The colonists soon discovered that the planet also had heavily alkaline water that needed extensive treatment to be safe for humans to drink or use in farming, and within months were suffering badly as rations and spare parts began to run out. One of the officers from the 237th, Major Frederick "Krasny" Koloniv, had been elected as leader of the population of Tortuga Prime, and he worked with the other surviving officers from the 237th to come up with a plan. Krasny decided to take their remaining demi-battalion of 'Mechs and raid border worlds to secure grains, foodstuffs, skilled workers and equipment to support their survival efforts on Tortuga Prime.[2] This was the seed of the Tortuga Dominions.

Having decided on piracy and banditry to support the population of Tortuga Prime, Krasny renamed his military forces the "Red Raiders" and went on to spend the better part of fifteen years savaging border worlds for people and resources.[2]


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