Admiral Garrett

Admiral Garrett
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip
Class Star Lord


The Admiral Garrett was a Star Lord-class JumpShip in service with Clan Ice Hellion, captained by one Star Captain Fordham since 3065. Fordham was the senior warrior when a large fleet of Ice Hellion JumpShips (including the Admiral Garrett) carrying supplies for the Ice Hellion invasion of the Inner Sphere encountered the Clan Jade Falcon WarShip Emerald Tornado at the Falcon's Beacon system's zenith jump point on 29 September 3071. Powerless in the face of the WarShip's firepower and with his own aerospace fighters not even deployed, Fordham surrendered. The loss of the convoy would contribute greatly to the faltering of the Ice Hellion offensive that in turn doomed the entire Clan.[1]


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