Adolfo Avellar

Adolfo Avellar
Died 2687[1]
Affiliation House Avellar
Position President[1]
Profession Noble
Parents Caryn Avellar (mother)

Adolfo Avellar (b. 26?? - d. 2687) was a 27th century ruler of the Outworlds Alliance.


Son of Caryn Avellar and nephew of Peter Avellar, Adolfo was lacking in any personal charisma. Indeed, even his own people had trouble remembering his name. However, Adolfo also proved highly competent, winning many concessions from the Star League Council. In many ways, his reign was the high point of the Alliance under the Star League.[2]


Adolfo died in his sleep, the office of President passing to his grandson.[1]

Titles and Ranks[edit]

Preceded by
Peter Avellar
Parliamentary President of the Outworlds Alliance
c.2642 - c.2687[1]

Succeeded by
Davis Avellar


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