Caryn Avellar

Caryn Avellar
Affiliation House Avellar
Profession President
Siblings Peter Avellar
Children Adolfo Avellar

Caryn Avellar was a 27th century ruler of the Outworlds Alliance.


Niece of Rodrigo Avellar, Caryn had been his chief advisor on foreign affairs and a member of the Executive Parliament. Prior to this, while an undergraduate she had written an economic analysis that led to substantial reforms. There was every reason to believe that she would be as fine a leader as her predecessor although she did decline to ever visit Terra or the Star League Council, citing the press of her duties.

Inexplicably, in 2634, Caryn went into a fit of delusion and declared herself First Star Lord. Overnight, the Executive Parliament declared her unfit to rule, electing her brother Peter as the next President. The next morning Caryn was escorted to her 'new office' by armed guards and spent the remaining four decades of her life blissfully unaware that she was not ruler of the Star League.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Rodrigo Avellar
Parliamentary President of the Outworlds Alliance
c.2628 - c.2634

Succeeded by
Peter Avellar