Adrienne Warloff

Adrienne Warloff
Affiliation Free Worlds League
Rank Lieutenant
Profession MechWarrior

Adrienne Warloff was an officer of the Second Oriente Hussars.[1]


She was an officer in Roger Gallivan's company that was assigned to the company's Pursuit Lance. Stationed on Wallacia after it followed Andurien's lead in seceding from the Free Worlds League, the unit seized the capital of the planet. The government-in-exile responded by hiring the Black Widow Battalion of Wolf's Dragoons to liberate the planet, leading to battles throughout the autumn of 3032 which cost the Second a Battalion of 'Mechs and the planet.[2][1]

She fought the the Black Widow on the 3rd of October 3032 on the capital city of Saranak where Carlin Palace was located. Her unit tried to prevent Natasha Kerensky from transporting Shandra Tate to the capital. Because her unit was under-gunned and the Second took too much time to send support, Shandra Tate was able to deliver her speech. After this, the Second Oriente Hussars commander, Arthur "Cap" Rivernider agreed to her conditions. By New Year's Eve of 3033 Wallacia was again independent.[1]


She piloted an Outscout.[1]


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