Ahano Michi

Ahano Michi
Affiliation Draconis Combine
Rank Planetary Governor

Ahano Michi was the Planetary Governor of Nowhere in 3077.[1]


In July 3077 Nowhere was raided by a group calling itself the Farstar Pirates. The July raid was the fourth time the Farstar Pirates had hit Nowhere since the beginning of 3077, and the seventh raid the Farstar Pirates had conducted within the boundaries of the Qandahar Prefecture. The July raid saw a company of Pirate BattleMechs land outside the Barryland spaceport and proceeded to start looting the various warehouse holding imports and exports, using a dozen cargo vehicles to move the loot back to their DropShip. The Nowhere Militia mustered a lance of 'Mechs and a company of combat vehicles outside the spaceport and proceeded to engage the Pirates, but the Pirates were able to hold the Militia off long enough to execute a fighting withdrawal while their transports finished loading. When the Pirates left, the Militia had lost two 'Mechs and a lance of vehicles, with their remaining forces having taken significant amounts of damage; the Pirates had recovered all of their losses other than a single Panther. It was highlighted that Governor Ahano Michi had recently ordered a lance of Quasits to shore up the local defenses, but the lack of a dedicated Draconis Combine Mustered Soldiery presence in the area attracted criticism in local media for the perceived lack of response from central government following the departure of many DCMS units to serve in Operation SCOUR.[1]


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