Albert Gronvold-Minami

Albert Gronvold-Minami
Died 2nd Jan 3079
Affiliation FRR
Profession Senior leaders of the Motstånd


Albert Gronvold-Minami (b. ???? - d. 2nd Jan 3079) was one of the senior leaders of the Motstånd group.[1][2]

Character History[edit]

Following the terrorist bombing conducted by Motstånd on the 31st of December 3078 which struck at the Omni-Paradise Hotel on Alshain and killed 378 civilians - both Rasalhagian and Clan Ghost Bear in origin - as well as several members of the Unity Council, including the former Prince of the Free Rasalhague Republic, Christian Månsdottir, the leaders of Motstånd were pursued aggressively by the Ghost Bears. As one of the senior leaders of Motstånd, Albert was one of those actively sought following the bombing, and may have been directly linked to the bombing itself.[1][2]

On the 2nd of January 3079 Albert was killed by Ghost Bear paramilitary police on Stanzach. The press coverage of his death reported that he and a number of other Motstånd members had holed up in a flat in the Hayden Arms estate block of Janetown, and that when the surrounding area had been cordonned off by the Ghost Bear paramilitary police the Motstånd members had decided to try and fight their way out rather than surrender. The resulting combat devastated the block itself and damaged two other nearby blocks, with a total of 14 terrorists and 6 paramilitary police killed. Albert was evidently apprehended while trying to escape in a car, and he and eight other terrorists who had attempted to surrender were summarily executed at the scene by the police. It was noted that while the summary execution of the terrorists attracted some criticism from legal activists, polls of native Rasalhagians conducted across the Ghost Bear Dominion showed a high level of support for the action taken.[1][2]


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