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Alexis Dessadec

Alexis Dessadec
Died12 December 3078

Alexis Dessadec was a reporter working for ISNS as of 3078.[1]


Dessadec was reporting for ISNS from the bridge Clan Nova Cat WarShip Hunter, in Terra's orbit on 12 December 3078, when it was attacked by Word of Blake DropShips and ground based Space Defense Systems. The ship's commander Star Admiral Erik Devalis initially attempted to eject Dessadec from the bridge at the start of the engagement, but when it become clear the Hunter would be seriously damaged, Devalis instead spoke to Dessadec's cameraman to express his view that it was a good day to die.

Fragments of Dessadec footage was later recovered from the damaged Hunter, during salvage operations, on 29 December 3078.[1]


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