Amira MacDougal

MWDA Amira MacDougal.PNG
Amira MacDougal
Profession Arena Gladiator


Amira MacDougal has a rugged appearance and exotic features and looks as if she has just stepped out of an ancient Terran western. Her similarities to an Old West sheriff are not just cosmetic; she has won many duels by targeting her opponent's hip actuators with crippling accuracy. Underneath her gruff exterior, though, is a wide streak of femininity and thoughtfulness, making her an excellent after-action interview. Her increasing popularity has had the side affect of making Western-themed clothing fashionable on Solaris VII, and many of her fans show up at the arena in vests, boots, and ten-gallon hats.[1]

Rumors on the street say that her appearance isn't an affectation and she is actually a former Colonial Marshal from the Fronc Reaches.[2]




She pilots VTR-U8-M Violator called Gold Digger.[1]



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