Arcadia (short story)

Arcadia (short story)
Product information
Type Short story (2 parts)
Author Jason Schmetzer
Pages 24
Publication information
Publisher BattleCorps
First published 27 April 2007 (part 1)
4 May 2007 (part 2)
Era Jihad era
Timeline 10—11 September 3068

Arcadia is a two-part short story by Jason Schmetzer that was published online on BattleCorps on 27 April and 04 May 2007, respectively, each part along with a boardgame scenario.

Plot summary[edit]

Part 1: Morningstar[edit]

published on 27 April 2007 along with the associated scenario, Daybreak Fandango
The forces of the Free Worlds League have landed on the border world of Arcadia. The planet's militia defenders are overwhelmed; while the bulk of them are meeting the Marik forces, a small contingent is staying behind to protect their base at Summersville. There the last of the dependents of the militia are quickly making their way into hiding—trying to make it before the Marik mercenary support can take them out...

Part 2: Crescent Moon[edit]

published on 5 May 2007 along with the associated scenario, Evening Tango
Donovan's Dark Devils were tasked with attacking the Arcadian Militia's facility at Summerville. They took out not the base, but its supporting maglev—on which the Militia's dependents were riding. Now the mercs have come back for a second pass, but they face something even more dangerous than a militia defending their home: a militia enraged.