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Battle of Nox (2475)

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Battle of Beckvern Hill
Part of The Age of War
Start Date July 2475
Location Beckvern Hill
Planet Nox
Result No changes
No changes
Draconis Combine
Lyran Commonwealth
Commanders and leaders
Unknown Archon Michael Steiner
Forces involved
Sword of Light Regiment Unknown


In July 2475 a major earthquake hit Tharkad City, destroying the majority of its government buildings, gave the Draconis Combine the incentive to try to capture Nox. The planet became the site of the first full-scale BattleMech versus BattleMech engagement, occurring at Battle of Beckvern Hill. Archon Michael Steiner's Company of 'Mechs and supporting heavy tanks moved against an equal number of Kuritan 'Mechs from a Sword of Light Regiment. In the three hour battle against the notoriously tenacious DCMS, the Archon's troops fought their way into the Sword of Light's rear areas. They then fanned out into lance-sized units to cause as much damage as possible to the enemy's supplies and communications. Michael Steiner's Command Lance fought its way to the enemy's Regimental HQ, killing the command staff before being killed-in-action himself by Combine reinforcements.[1]

Though this Kuritan attack was neither successful nor strategically significant, it marked a major turning point in armed warfare.


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