Kingston's Killers

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Kingston's Killers
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command


The minor mercenary unit of Kingston's Killers (also known as Crawford's BattleMechs) was a splinter faction of the Tooth of Ymir that separated due to their refusal to carry on with the rest of their unit when they signed on to a contract with the Capellan Confederation.[1]

In 3062, the unit deployed all their units alongside the mercenary unit known as The 48th in a small conflict on the side of Palatine of Duvic faction against the County Shu faction on the world of Epsilon Eridani.[1]

Kingston died at the hands of the Vigilantes, a Shu County Battlemech reinforced lance commanded by Commander Tybalt Kelly. It is notable that Crawford was piloting a Pillager, and the opposing forces consisted of a Lineholder (piloted by Tybalt Kelly), a Javelin, a Raven, and a pair of Commandos. Kingston managed to destroy one of the Commandos, killing its pilot (Subcommander Aldo Snell), as well as the Javelin (whose pilot survived).


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Kingston's Killers
Major Kingston Crawford 3062[1]



Composition History[edit]


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