Daksis Rand

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Daksis Rand
Also known as "Hacker"
Born 2991
Affiliation Independent
Mercenary MechWarrior


Daksis Rand grew up with information technology as his playground. He was raised on Hachiman in the Draconis Combine, the child of IT executives, and he got an early start dabbling in the digital world. He was a rising star at the technology academy he attended, until certain of his extracurricular activities related to an illegal information brokerage came to light. While nothing was ever proven against him, he left the academy under a cloud of suspicion.

Using his skills, he managed to hide his dubious record and get a job at Victory Industries, where he worked hard to keep his record clean. If information on a salvage breakthrough leaked, well, there was no evidence it was his fault. Except that record he'd cleaned up came to the attention to the Internal Security Force, who considered that evidence enough.

Once again, Daksis had to forge a new identity for himself, and this time, he had to burn through quite a few connections just to survive. Once he made it to the Periphery, the pressure eased and he was able to relax a little once again. He decided, for his own health, that he ought to retire from information brokering. So now he's working as a mercenary, because, he says, it keeps him out of worse trouble.


Daksis "Hacker" Rand is one of 62 MechWarriors designed by BattleTech (video game) Kickstarter backers of Mercenary Mechcommander and above. Featured only in the apocryphal computer game BattleTech video game, the character is considered apocryphal as well.[1]


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