Dread Legion

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Dread Legion
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command

The Dread Legion was a mercenary unit in 3048. They were known for betraying their employers, the Draconis Combine.


A news feed stated that the Dread Legion was not being paid fully for their work in the Draconis Combine. Their contract arbitration went sour when ComStar sided with the Combine. This would lead to the two parties falling out due to payment issues and as a result, the Legion took the planet Gravenhage as compensation.


In 3048, the Dread Legion was holding the town of Drevenshire as hostage by taking their water supplies. It took the arrival of other mercenary forces to take control of the situation. The Legion tried to escape from the planet with their opposition being the mercenaries and a traitorous Mechwarrior placed inside of a Dread Legion Mech. They were foiled once again as they decided to hide in an abandoned Star League Cache. It would only be a matter of time until both the DCMS and Mercenary mechs would discover them.


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Dread Legion



Composition History[edit]



As the noose around the Dread Legion was tightening around their necks, their commander offers the opposing mercenaries a bribe.

Attention mercenary, this is the Dread Legion. Whatever the Draconis Combine is paying you, we'll double it. If you just turn around, head for your DropShip, and we'll take care of the rest.
  — The Dread Legion Commander attempting to bribe the Mercenary Commander.

Taking the Bribe[edit]

If the Mercenary Commander takes the Dread Legion's offer, the mercenary's unit will attack the DCMS mechs. In turn, the Kuritan Mechs will retaliate against the mercenary for their betrayal, ending in their defeat. After the job is done, the Dread Legion keeps their word and pay the mercenaries 4 million C-bills for their cooperation. As a result of this betrayal, the Draconis Combine will blacklist the traitorous group from any future contracts, until the Battle of Wolcott.

Refusing the Bribe[edit]

If the Mercenary Commander decides to destroy the mercenaries, they will walk away with 2 million C-bills and a share of the Star League technology found in the cache.

First Mission Failure[edit]

Should the Mercenary Commander fail the first mission, they will be taken to an alternate mission where the situation is in reverse. The Mercenary forces are now trying to escape off Gravenhage, while being tailed by the Dread Legion.


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