Dromedary Water Transport
Production information
Manufacturer New Vandenburg Autoworks[1]
Production Year 2562[2]
Use Water Transport
Tech Base Inner Sphere (Standard)[1]
Chassis Type (Size) Wheeled (Large)[1]
Equipment Rating C/C-D-C/D[1]
Cost N/A[2]
Introduced 2562
Technical specifications
Mass 150 tons[1]
Speed 20 km/h[1]
Top Speed 32 km/h[1]
Power Plant Internal Combustion Engine[1]
Fuel (Type/Range) 2,083 km[1]
Armament Machine Gun[1]
Heat Sinks None[1]
Armor Commercial Armor[1]
Barrier Armor Rating (BAR) BAR 5[1]
Crew 4 (3 enlisted/nonrates, 1 gunner)[1]
BV (2.0) 341[1][2][3]


The Dromedary Water Transport is a very large wheeled transport vehicle used primarily as a water tanker on outlying periphery worlds where water is scarce. Produced by New Vandenburg Autoworks in the Taurian Concordat, the vehicle's simplistic but reliable design has not changed since it was introduced during the Age of War.[1]

Equipment and Capabilities[edit]

The vehicle was designed with a dune buggy chassis to allow it to traverse the harshest desert with a modest amount of speed. Standard version of the Dromedary carried a 50 ton Liquid Cargo vessel able to lug around 45 kiloliters of water. Has a small 4 ton cargo space set aside for spare parts and supplies with access by rear door next to the tank's access door.[1]

The vehicle is protected with only 4 tons of BAR 5 rated commercial grade armor. It is armed with a single Machine gun, with half ton of ammo. However, the vehicle is considered virtually defenseless against large swarms of attackers and it must rely on escorts for protection.[1]


The Dromedary have been modified by customers to handle fuel & industrial liquids per their needs. Less known are custom modifications done to the vehicle, where a secondary tank is installed into the vehicle for transport of special liquids for potential customers.[1]

Notable Vehicles[edit]

  • The Traveling Oasis - Found on Atreus Prime in Taurian Concordat, the vehicle used by its militia as supply vehicle to help them hunt down bandits that roam the desert. Aside from its main duties to re-supply water for uranium mining camps. Vehicle is popular with militia, it uses remaining of its water it left over from the mission to create swimming hole for the troops.[1]


The vehicle features a Dune Buggy Chassis and Control Modifiers.[1]



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