Electronic Codebreaker

Electronic Codebreaker


An Electronic Codebreaker is a small portable device designed to interface with any electronic security keypad and determine the correct access code by attempting all possible combinations. This brute-force method of attack can technically be used to break any code, however the exact time it takes to accomplish this will depend on the keypad in question. For example, if a three-digit keypad has a two-second delay after each incorrect entry, it can take thirty minutes to try over a thousand different codes. Besides the necessary technical skills to operate the device, the codebreaker also requires the user to remove a keypad's cover and connect the device to the keypad's electronics. Finally many security systems will raise an alarm and/or refuse any further attempts after a set number of tries, limiting the utility of this method.[1]

While electronic codebreakers are commercially available, it is possible to build one of these devices from scratch using common components. Anyone attempting to do so must have the appropriate knowledge of computers and electronics and the effort can take approximately twenty hours to accomplish.[1]



Item: Electronic Codebreaker[1]
Equipment Ratings: C/D/E
Cost: 1000
Weight: 2kg
Affiliation: -
Notes: Power Usage: .1/hour


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