Electronic Warfare Equipment

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Electronic Warfare Equipment (EW Equipment) was a suite of basic electronic devices developed in 3025 by the Capellan Confederation and included on the first model of their Raven BattleMech along with the rare -0X variant of the Cataphract. The device mimicked the combined capabilities of the then-lostech Beagle Active Probe and Guardian ECM Suite, but without the range of those Star League era devices. It was a landmark development for the Confederation in its time, but became obsolete with the redevelopment of the Star League systems it copied.[1]

The Clans, having never lost the original equipment, had no need to develop this inferior substitute.


The Raven 'Mech and its unspecified electronics suite were introduced as early as 1987 in the House Liao (The Capellan Confederation) sourcebook, but no rules were originally provided for the system except that it weighed 7.5 tons. The 1989 novel Warrior: Coupé showed it to possess some jamming capabilities, but otherwise fans were left to speculate about its abilities.

MechForce Germany eventually published a ruleset for the device that was adopted by FanPro Germany and officially published as "ECM 3025" in Arena-Planet Solaris VII, the German edition of the Solaris VII boxed set. This item was not considered canon, however, as it was never published in English; the later publication of the EW Equipment rules rendered the ECM 3025 an obsolete game rule in any case.


Game Rules[edit]

EW Equipment weighs 7.5 tons and takes up 4 critical spaces. It functions as an active probe and an ECM suite within a radius of three hexes.[1] The combined mass and bulk of the system make it strictly inferior to mounting both a Beagle and Guardian system instead, but the latter systems are of a higher technology level.


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