Emile Liao

Emile Falkner Liao
Character Profile
Born 2278(b. 2278 [1]
Died 2356[2]
Affiliation House Liao
Profession Duke of Liao
Children Franco Liao
Kurnath Liao

Emile Falkner Liao was the third president of the Independent Republic of Liao who stopped the Capellan-Supremacy War. He was also creator of the Duchy of Liao and its first Duke of Liao[2].


Most of Emile's life is unknown as the official records start in 2308 when he led a rag-tag fleet of merchant vessels against an FWL fleet led by Admiral Ishidai and managed to inflict heavy losses on them without losing much himself, starting the blockade of Liao which lasted until April of 2309. He did this to defend Arboris which gained protectorate status by the Liao Republic.

In the years that followed the lifting of the blockade, Emile Liao raised both his planet's and his own influence primarily through the accumulation of additional merchant shipping. At the time of his death, the merchant marine was above a thousand vessels in strength.

In addition to building a shipping empire, Emile also collected several new worlds for the Republic of Liao and transformed it into the full-fledged Duchy of Liao in 2315, appointing himself Duke.

Titles and Positions[edit]

Preceded by
Irenna Liao
Possibly Martell Liao?
President of the Independent Republic of Liao
Unknown - 2315

Succeeded by
Preceded by
Duke of Liao
2315 - 2356[2]

Succeeded by
Franco Liao


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