Escape Pod

Escape Pod TRO3057r.png
Escape Pod
Production information
Manufacturer ???
Use Escape Pod
Type (Shape) Civilian Aerodyne
Tech Base Inner Sphere
Cost Unknown
Introduced 2647
Technical specifications
Mass 5
Structural Integrity
Length 5.3 meters
Width 2.5 meters
Engine (Type) RSD 1
Safe Thrust
Maximum Thrust
Burn Rate
Armament None
Armor 0.25 tons
Heat Sinks None
Crew 6
BV (1.0) ???
BV (2.0) ???

An Escape Pod is a small, environmentally sealed craft, ship, compartment, or projectile, mounted on spacefaring vessel. An escape pod can be used to evacuate a stricken ship in an emergency.


Installed aboard many DropShips, JumpShips or WarShips, the escape pod allows crew and passengers to exit such larger vessels in case of an emergency. The main difference between the escape pod and the slightly larger Life Boat is its role, with the pod including maneuvering thrusters for minor course corrections and being capable of making an unpowered planetary landing.

While able to survive reentry and equipped with a para-sail to allow some control of its descent, the teardrop shaped escape pod lacks landing gear and generally makes a rough hard landing. Once launched, the escape pod broadcasts an omnidirectional beacon every five seconds for up to 30 days, with food and life-support to keep its six passengers alive for approximately two weeks.


The original TRO: 3057 accidentally swapped the name and art between the life boat and escape pod, where the revised edition corrected this by leaving the names and art alone and swapping the text/fluff to match.