Gloria's Gatecrashers

Gloria's Gatecrashers
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


Gloria's Gatecrashers was a very small mercenary unit contracted by the AFFS to provide local security for a salvage operation on Merope, where elements of the CMM were engaged with a raiding force from the Taurian Concordat.

Unbeknownst to the AFFS, the Gatecrashers' commander, Gloria Goldstein, was a Taurian Concordat patriot and used her connections to gain this contract with the full intention of turning on the AFFS units she was assigned to protect and deliver them to Taurian custody. It was only the quick thinking of one of the AFFS technicians that alerted the AFFS of the situation, and while security forces deployed to the scene found only forensic evidence pointing to their capture, officials were certain the entire force was delivered into captivity.

After that, the Firgrove's AFFS Mercenary Liaison office released a report condemning the mercenary unit known as Gloria's Gatecrashers as a rogue unit and placed a bounty of 300,000 C-bills (or local equivalent) on each member of the BattleMech lance, with ancillary bounties of 50,000 C-bills on any member of the Gatecrashers' support staff.

The AFFS believed the captured units to still be on Merope, along with the Gatecrashers.[1]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Gloria's Gatecrashers
Commander Gloria Goldstein 3071[1]



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