Grand Melee

A Grand Melee is the Clan term for a particular type of Trial that is often associated with the preliminary stages of a Trial of Bloodright.[1]


The Grand Melee Trial is used to determine which warrior will compete in the thirty-second slot of the tournament-structured Bloodright Trial. Any qualified warrior of a given heritage who was not nominated by a Bloodnamed warrior, or by a committee within the Clan and Bloodhouse, can press his or her claim to compete for the Bloodname through entering this trial.[1][2]

On the day of the trial, all warriors present will do battle at once in what is described as a tremendous brawl, bereft of zellbrigen or any other consideration except for victory. Each warrior fights by their chosen method, be it a 'Mech, an Elemental battle armor suit, or an aerospace fighter. Besides the implied prohibition on teamwork, there are no rules to a Grand Melee. The winner is sometimes said to be lucky, and tends to simply be the one that survives to the end, alone.[1]

Traditional decorum of the Trial itself may differ from Clan to Clan.


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