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Heavy Machine Gun (Battle Armor)

BA - MG - Heavy.png
Heavy Machine Gun
Production information
Type Ballistic
Tech Base Clan/IS
Year Availability 3059 CSJ / 3068 TC
Technology Rating C
Availability Ratings X/X/C
Technical specifications
Damage 3 + 2D6 vs. Infantry[1] OR 8B/6B[2]
Minimum Range 0
Short Range 1
Medium Range 2
Long Range -
Mass 150 kg
Critical Slots 1
Mass Per Reload .1kg (50)
Cost (unloaded) 7,500
BV (2.0) 6[3]
Ammo BV (2.0) 1[3]


The Heavy Machine Gun was originally created by Clan Smoke Jaguar by improving on the rate of fire of traditional Machine Guns at the expense of range and accuracy.[4] Fielded only by the Clans at first, the Inner Sphere eventually created their own version of Heavy Machine Guns for use by battle armor by deriving the design from semi-portable autocannons used by infantry forces.[5]


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