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Availability Rating is a code used in the Classic BattleTech game indicating how common a class of Combat Support Vehicles, 'Mech, (or other) mounted equipment, or subsystems found in the same. Its primary function is to designate how rare the systems are in a particular time period in the BattleTech universe. A [[similar system was used in the MechWarrior, First Edition roleplaying game. Predominantly, a weapon will have three different ratings: one for Star League era, one for the Succession Wars era, and a third for the Clan Invasion era. However, starting with the release of Interstellar Operations in 2016, some equipment tables started indicating a fourth code representing the Dark Age era.[1][2] As an example, a standard Sylph battle armor suit has an availability rating of X-X-F-E. It didn't exist in the Star League Era or Succession War eras, was nearly unique in the Clan Invasion, and was very rare by the Dark Age.

Availability Codes Table[3]
Code Availability
A Very Common
B Common
C Uncommon
D Rare
E Very Rare
F Unique
X Item does not exist in this era


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