Heinrich's Headhunters

Heinrich's Headhunters
Affiliation Mercenary
Parent Command Independent


Heinrich's Headhunters was a small mercenary unit that was contracted by Colonel Soloch Ben-Zhayne (self-promoted to General) on behalf of the provisional pro-Capellan government from Acamar (represented by Chairman Barbara Katz). They defended the city of Kalskag. Among the objectives they defended was the Kalskag Coliseum[1] (a known place where political prisoners were detained) and the Palace Grounds[2].

It is not known if the unit survived the fight or not. What is known is that two commercial DropShips chartered by Chairman Katz were waiting in the Kalskag' spaceport to lift the Militia's ranking officers and any survivors[3], so it is possible some of them escaped.[citation needed]


Rank Name Command
Commanding Officers of Heinrich's Headhunters





Dragoon Ratings[edit]


Composition History[edit]


At least a Reinforced Company[4][5], though it is hinted that it is more two companies.[citation needed].

It cannot be ruled out that they have a small armor support.[4]


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