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Category Mayhem[edit]

I found no common discussion page, so I post it here.
I have noticed, that we have literally tons and tons of useless categories. I didn't bother to count, but we easily top 300. We have categories for every freakin' sort of Mechs, Tanks, Battle Armors and Characters. Now the military commands are coming, adding at least 30 more. But we still lack a category like "title", "rank" or "profession". My proposals:

  1. Creation of a page which lists all categories in a hierarchy-tree/diagram. (This can be reduced to the most important ones. If we list "Inner Sphere Commands" we don't need "Lyran Commands". If we list "Clan Commands" we don't all 20 individual Clan Commands.) Mechs, Tanks, Factions, Characters, Commands, Products, Merchandising...
  2. Weeding out categories until we are down to ~250.
  3. Unifying and standardizing the two dozen "article has to be reviewed"-categories. --Detlef 15:30, 22 March 2009 (PDT)
Since we have no limit on what articles can be included, I find it difficult and artificial to impose a numerical limit on the number of categories. I'm not sure what your problem is with having lots of categories. Obviously they are not useless, or they never would have been created in the first place. Since you have specifically called out categories that are attached to projects, I think it would be best for you to specify which categories you want to get rid of/limit on the appropriate WikiProject talk page. Just so you know, there is Special:Categories, but my impression is that you want something more organized. --Scaletail 16:49, 23 March 2009 (PDT)
You want a list? You'll get it, I'll post it here and it will be long. :D --Detlef 15:04, 27 March 2009 (PDT)

Step 1[edit]

This is a list of all BTW categories. I allowed myself to sort them by theme, not alphabetical order or actual hierarchy.


BattleMechs (456 members)
Inner Sphere OmniMechs (17 members)
Land-Air 'Mechs (3 members)
Industrial 'Mechs (29 members)
OmniMechs (63 members)
Quad BattleMechs (17 members)

Inner Sphere General BattleMechs (67 members)
Capellan Confederation BattleMechs (19 members)
Clan Blood Spirit BattleMechs (4 members)
Clan Cloud Cobra BattleMechs (2 members)
Clan Coyote BattleMechs (4 members)
Clan Diamond Shark BattleMechs (7 members)
Clan Fire Mandrill BattleMechs (3 members)
Clan General BattleMechs (37 members)
Clan Ghost Bear BattleMechs (7 members)
Clan Goliath Scorpion BattleMechs (3 members)
Clan Hell's Horses BattleMechs (5 members)
Clan Ice Hellion BattleMechs (5 members)
Clan Jade Falcon BattleMechs (13 members)
Clan Nova Cat BattleMechs (9 members)
Clan Sea Fox BattleMechs (2 members)
Clan Smoke Jaguar BattleMechs (1 member)
Clan Snow Raven BattleMechs (2 members)
Clan Star Adder BattleMechs (3 members)
Clan Steel Viper BattleMechs (6 members)
Clan Wolf-in-Exile BattleMechs (2 members)
Clan Wolf BattleMechs (9 members)
Comstar BattleMechs (9 members)
Draconis Combine BattleMechs (27 members)
Federated Suns BattleMechs (26 members)
Free Worlds League BattleMechs (6 members)
Lyran Alliance BattleMechs (72 members)
Lyran Commonwealth BattleMechs (1 member)
Magistracy of Canopus BattleMechs (2 members)
Northwind Highlanders BattleMechs (2 members)
Periphery General BattleMechs (1 member)
Rim Worlds Republic BattleMechs (1 member)
SLDF 2750 BattleMechs (78 members)
Solarian BattleMechs (26 members)
Taurian Concordat BattleMechs (2 members)
Wolf's Dragoons BattleMechs (9 members)
Word of Blake BattleMechs (20 members)

BattleMechs by BV (7 members)
000-500 BV BattleMechs (15 members)
501-1000 BV BattleMechs (83 members)
1001-1500 BV BattleMechs (153 members)
1501-2000 BV BattleMechs (86 members)
2001-2500 BV BattleMechs (45 members)
2501-3000 BV BattleMechs (20 members)
3001-3500 BV BattleMechs (3 members)

BattleMechs by weight class (5 members)
20 ton BattleMechs (18 members)
25 ton BattleMechs (20 members)
30 ton BattleMechs (32 members)
35 ton BattleMechs (33 members)
40 ton BattleMechs (30 members)
45 ton BattleMechs (28 members)
50 ton BattleMechs (31 members)
55 ton BattleMechs (32 members)
60 ton BattleMechs (29 members)
65 ton BattleMechs (29 members)
70 ton BattleMechs (24 members)
75 ton BattleMechs (36 members)
80 ton BattleMechs (22 members)
85 ton BattleMechs (17 members)
90 ton BattleMechs (16 members)
95 ton BattleMechs (13 members)
100 ton BattleMechs (25 members)
135 ton BattleMechs (1 member)
Assault BattleMechs (98 members)
Colossal BattleMechs (2 members)
Heavy BattleMechs (122 members)
Light BattleMechs (111 members)
Medium BattleMechs (132 members)

Vehicle Categories[edit]

Combat Vehicles (79 members)
Civilian Vehicles (1 member)
Naval Vessel Support Vehicles (4 members)
OmniVehicles (6 members)
Tracked Combat Vehicles (29 members)
VTOLs (7 members)
Wheeled Combat Vehicles (15 members)
Hover Combat Vehicles (16 members)
Transport Combat Vehicles (10 members)

Capellan Confederation Combat Vehicles (3 members)
Clan Blood Spirit Combat Vehicles (2 members)
Clan Coyote Combat Vehicles (1 member)
Clan Diamond Shark Combat Vehicles (1 member)
Clan General Combat Vehicles (13 members)
Clan Ghost Bear Combat Vehicles (5 members)
Clan Goliath Scorpion Combat Vehicles (4 members)
Clan Hell's Horses Combat Vehicles (7 members)
Clan Ice Hellion Combat Vehicles (2 members)
Clan Jade Falcon Combat Vehicles (3 members)
Clan Nova Cat Combat Vehicles (1 member)
Clan Snow Raven Combat Vehicles (3 members)
Clan Star Adder Combat Vehicles (4 members)
Clan Steel Viper Combat Vehicles (3 members)
Clan Wolf-in-Exile Combat Vehicles (1 member)
Clan Wolf Combat Vehicles (4 members)
ComStar Combat Vehicles (1 member)
Draconis Combine Combat Vehicles (1 member)
Dragoon Combat Vehicles (6 members)
Federated Suns Combat Vehicles (8 members)
Free Worlds League Combat Vehicles (4 members)
Inner Sphere General Combat Vehicles (15 members)
Lyran Combat Vehicles (6 members)
Periphery General Combat Vehicles (4 members)
SLDF Combat Vehicles (2 members)
Word of Blake Combat Vehicles (1 member)

Combat Vehicles by weight class (4 members)
5 ton Combat Vehicles (3 members)
10 ton Combat Vehicles (3 members)
11 ton Combat Vehicles (1 member)
15 ton Combat Vehicles (2 members)
20 ton Combat Vehicles (4 members)
21 ton Combat Vehicles (1 member)
25 ton Combat Vehicles (2 members)
30 ton Combat Vehicles (6 members)
35 ton Combat Vehicles (5 members)
40 ton Combat Vehicles (5 members)
45 ton Combat Vehicles (4 members)
50 ton Combat Vehicles (6 members)
55 ton Combat Vehicles (1 member)
60 ton Combat Vehicles (3 members)
65 ton Combat Vehicles (3 members)
70 ton Combat Vehicles (3 members)
75 ton Combat Vehicles (2 members)
80 ton Combat Vehicles (5 members)
85 ton Combat Vehicles (2 members)
90 ton Combat Vehicles (1 member)
95 ton Combat Vehicles (1 member)
100 ton Combat Vehicles (3 members)
Assault Combat Vehicles (17 members)
Heavy Combat Vehicles (15 members)
Light Combat Vehicles (38 members)
Medium Combat Vehicles (19 members)

Air & Space Categories[edit]

Conventional Fighters (2 members)
AeroSpace Fighters (28 members)
DropShips (22 members)
Individual JumpShips (7 members)
JumpShips (15 members)
OmniFighters (2 members)
Small Craft (2 members)
Space Stations (1 member)
WarShips (18 members)

Battle Armor Categories[edit]

Battle Armor (40 members)
Assault Battle Armor (5 members)
Battle Armor by weight class (5 members)
Clan Battle Armor (11 members)
Heavy Battle Armor (5 members)
Infantry (1 member)
Inner Sphere Battle Armor (26 members)
Light Battle Armor (7 members)
Medium Battle Armor (17 members)
PA(L) Battle Armor (3 members)
Scout Battle Armor (7 members)

Faction Categories[edit]

Alien species (12 members)
CBT Factions (56 members)
Clans (23 members)
ComStar (47 members)
Factions (16 members)
Military organizations (13 members)
Periphery realms (18 members)
Word of Blake (15 members)

Culture, Society & Politics Categories[edit]

Clan Terms (37 members)
Dark Age (40 members)
Events (60 members)
Intelligence agencies (9 members)
Manufacturing Centers (179 members)
Planets (2,134 members)
Technology (92 members)
Weapons (97 members)
Years (597 members)

Military Commands[edit]

Capellan Confederation Commands (45 members)
Clan Blood Spirit Commands (12 members)
Clan Cloud Cobra Commands (8 members)
Clan Commands (17 members)
Clan Coyote Commands (12 members)
Clan Diamond Shark Commands (8 members)
Clan Fire Mandrill Commands (8 members)
Clan Ghost Bear Commands (13 members)
Clan Goliath Scorpion Commands (7 members)
Clan Hell's Horses Commands (11 members)
Clan Ice Hellion Commands (6 members)
Clan Jade Falcon Commands (14 members)
Clan Nova Cat Commands (14 members)
Clan Smoke Jaguar Commands (4 members)
Clan Snow Raven Commands (6 members)
Clan Star Adder Commands (14 members)
Clan Steel Viper Commands (2 members)
Clan Wolf-in-Exile Commands (4 members)
Clan Wolf Commands (4 members)
ComStar Commands (6 members)
Draconis Combine Commands (125 members)
Federated Commonwealth Commands (2 members)
Federated Suns Commands (93 members)
Free Rasalhague Republic Commands (1 member)
Free Worlds League Commands (63 members)
Inner Sphere Commands (10 members)
Lyran Commands (53 members)
Mercenary Commands (46 members)
Military Commands (7 members)
Misc Commands (3 members)
Periphery Commands (1 member)
Republic of the Sphere Commands (35 members)
St. Ives Compact Commands (2 members)
Star League Commands (2 members)
Word of Blake Commands (52 members)

Character Categories[edit]

Characters (348 members)
Clan Characters (30 members)
Clan Jade Falcon Characters (12 members)
Clan Nova Cat Characters (1 member)
Clan Smoke Jaguar Characters (1 member)
Clan Wolf Characters (12 members)
ComStar Characters (32 members)
House Davion Characters (43 members)
House Kurita Characters (44 members)
House Liao Characters (39 members)
House Marik Characters (5 members)
House Steiner Characters (39 members)
Archons (32 members
Chancellors (32 members)
Coordinators (32 members)
Director-General (16 members)
First Lord (9 members)
First Princes (23 members)
IlKhans (4 members)
Khans (10 members)
Mercenary Characters (6 members)
Minor Characters (175 members)
Personalities (1 member) <- category is empty and redirected to itself
Primus (15 members)
Republic of the Sphere Characters (13 members)
Solaris VII Characters (2 members)
Star League Characters (10 members)
Terran Alliance Characters (6 members)
Terran Hegemony Characters (14 members)
Word of Blake Characters (9 members)

BTW internal Categories[edit]

Articles Needing Updates (1 member)
Articles needing to be peer reviewed (4 members)
Articles needing to be peer reviewed (Factions) (48 members)
Articles needing verification (12 members)
Articles with unsourced statements (4 members)
Awards (2 members)
BattleTechWiki (48 members)
BattleTechWiki administration (2 members)
BattleTechWiki how-to (2 members)
BattleTechWiki templates (6 members)
BattleTechWiki workaround templates (1 member)
Citation templates (1 member)
Cleanup (36 members)
Cleanup from August 2008 (1 member)
Cleanup from December, 2008 (5 members)
Cleanup from February, 2007 (8 members)
Cleanup from February 2009 (1 member)
Cleanup from January, 2008 (1 member)
Cleanup from March 2009 (1 member)
Cleanup from November, 2008 (1 member)
Considered for deletion (4 members)
Disambiguation (87 members)
Disambiguation and redirection templates (1 member)
External link templates (1 member)
Help (47 members)
Infobox templates (41 members)
Infoboxes (2 members)
Internal link templates (3 members)
Link templates (2 members)
List templates (2 members)
Main pages with misplaced talk page templates (4 members)
Missing attribution (26 members)
New articles needing to be reviewed (4 members)
New articles needing to be reviewed (BattleMechs) (222 members)
New articles needing to be reviewed (Biographies) (61 members)
New articles needing to be reviewed (Factions) (4 members)
New articles needing to be reviewed (Ground Units) (102 members)
No attribution (10 members)
Not orphan (5 members) <- what is this ???
Policies (18 members)
Projects (6 members)
Section templates (1 member)
Stub (446 members)
Stub templates (2 members)
Style and Navigation (1 member)
Succession templates (5 members)
Template templates (8 members)
Template tracking categories (2 members)
Templates (114 members)
Templates using ParserFunctions (6 members)
Templates using check talk template (6 members)
Uncompleted Policies (7 members)
User block templates (2 members)
User warning templates (22 members)
Utility templates (4 members)
Tracking categories (1 member)
WikiProject Icons (3 members)
WikiProject banners (7 members)

Real-life person Categories[edit]

PeopleReal (64 members)

Real-life Art Categories[edit]

Artists (27 members)
Authors (19 members)
BattleCorps Stories (3 members)
Books (163 members)
Classic BattleTech novels (62 members)
Fiction (8 members)
Jihad Books (8 members)
MechWarrior: Dark Age novels (32 members)
MechWarrior novels (7 members)
Novels (106 members)
Works by Ardath Mayhar (1 member) Works by Audrey Corman (1 member) Works by Blaine Lee Pardoe (11 members) Works by Boris Vallejo (11 members) Works by Bruce Jensen (17 members) Works by Bryan Nystul (1 member) Works by Chris Lewis (1 member) Works by Chris Moeller (3 members) Works by Chris Moore (1 member) Works by Christopher Kubasik (1 member) Works by Christopher Rush (2 members) Works by Clint Langley (2 members) Works by D. Alexander Gregory (9 members) Works by Dana Knutson (2 members) Works by David A. Roach (4 members) Works by David English (2 members) Works by David Martin (1 member) Works by David Mattingly (1 member) Works by David R. Dietrick (5 members) Works by David Seeley (2 members) Works by Des Hanley (1 member) Works by Dom! (2 members) Works by Donald G. Phillips (1 member) Works by Doug Alexander (1 member) Works by Doug Anderson (1 member) Works by Doug Chaffee (38 members) Works by Douglas Shuler (1 member) Works by Duane Loose (2 members) Works by Ed Cox (3 members) Works by Franz Vohwinkel (11 members) Works by Fred Gambino (6 members) Works by Gregory Bridges (2 members) Works by Hannibal King (1 member) Works by Hanzo (1 member) Works by Ilsa J. Bick (3 members) Works by J. Andrew Keith (1 member) Works by J. Steven York (2 members) Works by James D. Long (2 members) Works by Janet Aulisio (2 members) Works by Janine Johnston (4 members) Works by Jason M. Hardy (3 members) Works by Jeff Laubenstein (8 members) Works by Jim Holloway (8 members) Works by Jim Nelson (5 members) Works by Jock (3 members) Works by Joel Biske (2 members) Works by Kazuhiko Miyake (1 member) Works by Kevin Killiany (2 members) Works by Kevin McCann (13 members) Works by Klaus Scherwinski (7 members) Works by Lawrence Snelly (1 member) Works by Les Dorscheid (12 members) Works by Liz Danforth (7 members) Works by Loren L. Coleman (16 members) Works by Marc Gabbana (1 member) Works by Marc Sasso (1 member) Works by Mark Poole (1 member) Works by Mark Zug (1 member) Works by Martin Delrio (4 members) Works by Matt Heerdt (3 members) Works by Mel Odom (1 member) Works by Michael A. Stackpole (16 members) Works by Michael Komarck (2 members) Works by Mike Jackson (1 member) Works by Mike Moscoe (1 member) Works by Mike Sutfin (1 member) Works by Paolo Parente (2 members) Works by Pat Morrissey (1 member) Works by Peter Bollinger (1 member) Works by Peter Peebles (6 members) Works by Peter Rice (1 member) Works by Randall N. Bills (8 members) Works by Randy Gallegos (1 member) Works by Ray Arrastia (1 member) Works by Ray Lundgren (15 members) Works by Richard Thomas (1 member) Works by Robert E. Vardeman (1 member) Works by Robert N. Charrette (4 members) Works by Robert Thurston (7 members) Works by Roger Loveless (9 members) Works by Romas Kukalis (2 members) Works by Romas Shuler (2 members) Works by Slawomir Maniak (1 member) Works by Stephen Kenson (1 member) Works by Steve Venters (5 members) Works by Steve White (1 member) Works by Steven Mohan, Jr. (1 member) Works by Ted Naifeh (1 member) Works by Thomas S. Gressman (5 members) Works by Tony Roberts (2 members) Works by Tony Szczudlo (2 members) Works by Victor Milán (5 members) Works by William H. Keith, Jr. (5 members) Works by William Simpson (2 members) Works by Zina Saunders (13 members)

Real-life Product Categories[edit]

Boxed Set (7 members)
FASA Games (7 members)
Game Aids (16 members)
Game Publisher (8 members)
Game Systems (4 members)
MechWarrior: Dark Age booster sets (7 members)
Miniature Sets (1 member)
Multi-Player Games (4 members)
Neveron Factions (5 members)
Neveron Strategy (1 member)
Record Sheets (12 members)
Rule Books (23 members)
Scenario Packs (32 members)
Sourcebooks (58 members)
Technical Readouts (22 members)
Video Games (42 members)
WizKids games (3 members)

CCG (1,442 members)
CCG (Command) (585 members)
CCG (Mission) (171 members)
CCG (Units) (686 members)
CCG Arsenal (108 members)
CCG CommandersEdition (350 members)
CCG Counterstrike (99 members)
CCG Crusade (107 members)
CCG Limited (283 members)
CCG MechWarrior (108 members)
CCG Mercenaries (101 members)
CCG Unlimited (283 members)

Fan Categories[edit]

BattleMechsCustom (14 members)
Combat VehiclesCustom (3 members)
Custom Categories (17 members)
DropShipsCustom (1 member)
Fan Projects (3 members)
House Rules (2 members)
Manufacturing Centers Custom (1 member)
PeopleCustom (2 members)
WeaponsCustom (17 members)

Tactic Categories[edit]

Brawler BattleMechs (5 members)
CBT Tactics (3 members)
Close Range Combat Vehicles (9 members)
Fire Support Combat Vehicles (17 members)
Juggernaut BattleMechs (5 members)
Main Battle Combat Vehicles (6 members)
Melee BattleMechs (14 members)
Missile Boat BattleMechs (16 members)
Recon Combat Vehicles (13 members)
Scout BattleMechs (13 members)
Skirmisher BattleMechs (6 members)
Sniper BattleMechs (9 members)
Striker BattleMechs (2 members)
Support Vehicles (6 members)

Step 2 will be to sort out the useless categories. Step 3 will be to establish a theme-based hierarchy-diagramm for the categories, so even people that have not memorized the BTW will be able to navigate. --Detlef 07:50, 28 March 2009 (PDT)