HexPack Promotion 1

HexPack Promotion 1
Product information
Type Promotional booklet/download
Primary writing Joel Bancroft-Connors (short story)
Christopher Smith (record sheets)
Pages 16
Cover artwork (uncredited)
Interior artwork various
Publication information
Publisher Catalyst Game Labs
First published 2011
MSRP (free download)
Content (see text)

When HexPack: Cities and Roads was announced and available for pre-order in April 2011, Catalyst Game Labs announced[1] that people who pre-ordered the HexPack would also receive a free DropShip Promotional HexTile; several ground fortification tiles were also included on the tile sheet. At around the same time the HexPack Promotion 1 PDF file was made available for free download through the CGL homepage.

It is a 16-page booklet that includes:


  • This product provides the most up-to-date record sheets for the Union. It was also the first to mention, and provide stats for, the Jihad era/3070 upgrade version of that ubiquitous DropShip.


  1. In this news page on the CGL homepage, dated 11 April 2011

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