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Holloway V

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Holloway V
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System Information

Holloway V is a small, water-rich world deep within the Draconis Combine. It was reportedly largely ignored by the other warring Houses, and prospered by producing raw materials.

At some unspecified point in time, implicitly in the late Succession Wars era around the early 31st century, three intact supply depots for BattleMechs (at least one of them described as "large") were found on the planet. A militia was hastily assembled, but a strike force from the 7th Crucis Lancers nevertheless descended on the world on the return leg from a deep raid into the Combine.[1]


The only BattleTech source mentioning Holloway V is the TCI Model Set #2 (scenario "End Run"). While an official product that was sold by TCI with full endorsement and cooperation of FASA, it does not meet the current critera for canon and must thus be considered apocryphal.


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