Jake Collins

Jake Collins
Affiliation FWLM
Siguere IndustrialMechs
Profession Arena Gladiator

History & Tactics[edit]

Jake Collins served with the Free Worlds League army as a MechWarrior with an undistinguished career that ended in with his disgrace.

After that he was hired by Siguere IndustrialMechs to act as test pilot for his new product, and enhanced version of the Crosscut. For ten years he made his work, and when the Hostile Environment Crosscut project was shelved, Jake saw a chance to regain some of his lost glory on the fringes.

He make off with the prototype in the fall of 3074, and he was wasn't sighted again until earlier 3077 on Astrokaszy, still piloting the Siguere prototype, though now modified for combat, with parts coming from unknown sources.

The effectiveness of the BattleMech Taser proved decisive in his first Astrokaszy match. Images of Collins' Crosscut slicing the limbs off a shutdown Rifleman have quickly topped the tri-vid downloads from our intraweb site. Whether this tactic will work more than once, or if Siguere will pursue Collins remain open questions, but for now he gets points for sheer ingenuity.[1]


He pilots heavily modified ED-XX Crosscut "Icabod" starting from a Siguere IndustrialMechs prototype.[1]


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