Kitty Hawk (WarShip class)

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Kitty Hawk
Production information
Introduced pre-2600
Use Carrier
Tech Base
Technical specifications
Mass < 1,680,000 tons
Sail Diameter
Burn Rate
Safe Thrust
Top Thrust
Sail Integrity
KF Drive Integrity
LF Battery
DropShip Capacity
Grav Decks
Escape Pods/Life Boats
Heat Sinks
Structural Integrity
BV (1.0)
BV (2.0)


The Kitty Hawk-class was a class of large carrier WarShips predating the year 2600. In that year, the Kitty Hawk-class Enterprise was one of only two operable carrier WarShips remaining in the Federated Suns,[1] and it remains unclear if the other carrier was of the same class.

(Said other carrier may have been the Edward Davion which was mentioned alongside the Enterprise, but the wording is unclear.)

It has since been established in canon that the New Syrtis-class carrier WarShip Pleiades remained in service until the Second Succession War which lasted from 2830 to 2864. The New Syrtis class carrier WarShip seems to functionally replace the Kitty Hawk class in canon.


The exact size of the Kitty Hawk class and most of its technical data remains unknown.

The Farragut class was mentioned as the largest WarShip outside of the SLDF, suggesting in turn that the Kitty Hawk class must be smaller than the Farragut's 1,680,000 tons while at the same time implying that while the Farragut class outmasses and outguns the Kitty Hawk class, they are not far apart and that the Kitty Hawk class is considered at least as powerful as a heavy cruiser.[2]

The Kitty Hawk class carried two entire aerospace groups, vastly outnumbering the three squadrons carried by a standard Farragut.


The Kitty Hawk class and the only known ship of this class, the Enterprise, only appear in the German-only novel En Passant. As a foreign-language product, this novel is not currently counted among the canonical BattleTech sources anymore despite an earlier ruling by then-Line Developer Randall Bills declaring the German novels fully canonical. It is an official BattleTech product though, and as such should be regarded as apocryphal.

By extension, information from this source—in this case, the Kitty Hawk class—must be considered apocryphal as well.

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