Laser Pistol


The Laser Pistol is the standard sidearm of many pilots and officers in the more technologically-advanced militaries of the Inner Sphere. Though popular with superior range and punch compared to ballistic pistols, laser pistols are expensive and require the use of power packs to supply the necessary energy.[1]

The Laser Pistol can also be used as a cutting tool by keeping the trigger held down. In this way it can make a 1.5cm-long cut through a .5cm-thick piece of steel in 2 seconds, expending its standard power usage rating in the process.[1]



Item: Laser Pistol
Equipment Rating: D/B-A-A/D
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 4E/3
Range: 15/35/80/225 meters
Power Points per Shot: 2
Cost: 750
Affiliation: -
Mass: 1kg
Notes: -



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