Magistracy Aerospace Academy

Magistracy Aerospace Academy
Academy Information
Location Marantha
Founding Year 2730
Course Information
DropShip Ca. 2730 -
AeroSpace Fighter Ca. 2730 -

The Magistracy Aerospace Academy was a Magistracy of Canopus aerospace academy.[1]


The Magistracy Aerospace Academy or MAA was one of two aerospace academies to be founded by the Magistracy of Canopus during the Star League era. The MAA began operating in 2730, as did the other aerospace-focused academy, the Magistracy Institute for Strategic Studies; while the Magistracy Institute for Strategic Studies focused on training WarShip crews, the MAA specialized in aerospace personnel.[1]

The MAA was founded in the Marantha system for several reasons; firstly, the Marantha system was already home to an extensive civilian spacecraft industry. Secondly, the Marantha system had a large asteroid belt, which was considered ideal for performing avoidance training, and lastly, the asteroid belt was home to a substantial Belter population.[1]


Military courses offered by MAA were known to include a comprehensive aerospace program.[1]


  • The MAA is not detailed in any sourcebook covering events after the Star League era, suggesting that it was disabled, destroyed or shut down during the Succession Wars.


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