Mark Sandoval

Mark Sandoval
Character Profile
Died 3123[1]
Affiliation House Sandoval-Ito
Title(s) Count of Addicks[1]
Profession Republic of the Sphere Senator[1]
Parents Mordecai Sandoval-Ito (father)[2]
Edwina Sandoval (mother)[1]
Spouse Pamela Sandoval[1]
Children Aaron Sandoval II[1]

Mark Sandoval was a senator of the Republic of the Sphere and noble of the Federated Suns.[1]


He lost his wife in childbirth in 3099, giving birth to their only son. He withdrew from his senate seat, content with local Addicks politics, and in 3103 accepted a position as local magistrate, becoming Assistant Governor in 3107.

He became Count of Addicks and had been eyeing another term in the Republic Senate when a stroke killed him in 3123.[1]


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