MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat/Golden Spade

- Incoming Coded Message -- Kurultai Instruction Follows -

- Decode Jaw Protocol – GALxAlpha 327th: 3rd

- Disseminate by need only -

Little remains in the way of resistance from the Falcon. The Battle of Broken Hope is over, and we are busy hunting down the stragglers. However, the enemy’s will is by no means broken. It appears they are willing to fight to the death. We expect nothing less.

The enemy is suspected of using the Held Shrine palace complex north of Broken Hope, Morges, as cover for a comm station and staging area for Falcon reinforcements traveling south to the bay. Around the palace complex, there is a force shield that will be rendered inoperative by friendly Kell Hound fighters.

  • Codename: Golden Spade
  • Planet: Morges
  • Terrain: Sparse Urban
  • Time: Night

Follow the NAV sequence. Destroy the roadblock at NAV OMEGA. Find the palace complex, inspect it to confirm its contents, and then level it if the enemy is using it.


  • Primary: Inspect the palace complex
  • Primary: Destroy the palace if in use as a comm station
  • Primary: Destroy the road block and turrets at NAV OMEGA
  • Secondary: Destroy all defending units
  • Tertiary: Destroy any targets of opportunity
  • Return: Dustoff site: NAV ALPHA


The Palace comm station is in ruins. You have performed excellently.

The Keshik has taken note of your honorable victory.