Sarna News: Bad 'Mechs - Assassin

MechWarrior 4: Vengeance/Stranglehold



Lawhorn: Okay, Lieutenant McClair, we've let them know we're here, and now we need to break their spirit. I'm taking Alpha Lance out on this next mission, and I need you to provide light support. You'll need to make a stealthy approach on the objective and engage from extreme distance. Ensure that your 'Mech is equipped with at least one long range weapon system. ECM would be helpful, but not required. Check in with the quartermaster, and get your 'Mech outfitted. I'll see you in the field.


Stranglehold: First, put a crimp in the pirates' sustainability by destroying their oxygen and water supplies. Then, fall back to Nav Gamma, where the Colonel and Alpha Lance are waiting to crush the remaining base defenders.


Lawhorn: Okay, Striker One. Let's go over the Op order one last time. You will proceed to Nav Alpha as directed by Mandril, and take up a firing position on the pirate base. Destroy their local oxygen and water supply. When the base defenders move on your position, pull back to Nav Gamma, where Alpha Lance will be waiting, powered down in the crystals. It should be a straightforward ambush, and breaking their heavy lance should show these lousy pirates how outclassed they are.

Eric: Roger, sir. I got no problem being the bait for this little trap of yours. Just make sure you're ready to rock when I clear the ridge at Gamma.

Lawhorn: No worries, Lieutenant. I'm running short on wiseass lance commanders, and would have a hell of a time replacing you. Black Six, out.

Mandril: Striker One, this is Mandril. From the top of the crater ridge at Alpha, you should be able to make out the firebase. The oxygen tanks should be visible on the far left edge of the base. Destroying any tank should take them all out in the secondary explosions. To the right is the main H2O processor. Disabling it should put a severe cramp on their sustainability here.

Mandril: Excellent shot! Chain reaction has destroyed eighty percent of their O2 supply. Take out their water processor and get out of there.

Mandril: Good work, Striker Lance. We read all targets destroyed. Raven Wing relays four 'Mechs powering up and three more moving in from the east. Fall back by quickest route to Gamma.

Lawhorn: Black Six to Alpha Lance. Let's take 'em out!

Lawhorn: Good work, Striker One. Remind me back at base to work out a lance upgrade for you.

Eric: Roger. There is this new Nova Cat I noticed in the latest quartermaster report.

Lawhorn: Easy there, Eric. Something in the Medium range should suffice for now.

Mandril: Tactical Command shows zero hostiles on scope. Remaining pirates have evacuated to the east. Alpha and Striker lances, return to base heading Two-Eight-Five.