MechWarrior Solaris VII: Light-Class Action Pack

MechWarrior Solaris VII: Light-Class Action Pack
Product information
Type Game Aid
Publication information
Publisher Wizkids
Product code WZK2313
First published August 2007
MSRP 29.99
Content Eight plastic miniatures (prepainted)
Era Dark Age Era
Series Action Packs
Preceded by Champions Vol.II
Followed by Solaris VII Medium Pack


The MechWarrior Solaris VII: Light-Class Action Pack is a collection of eight plastic miniatures for use in the MechWarrior: Dark Age miniatures game. The box also provides eight pilot cards.

From the back cover[edit]

The search for fame and glory has lured many MechWarriors to the gladiatorial splendor of the Solaris VII arenas. Legends like Danai Liao-Centrella and Yulri Wolf earned their notoriety by competing and triumphing in the no-holds-barred, 'Mech-on-'Mech duels of the planet’s combative environment. Will you become the next MechWarrior to reign at Solaris VII?

This Solaris VII Action Pack features new rules to handle the nuances of ’Mech-on-’Mech combat, as well as other features never seen before in the MechWarrior game universe!