Miniatures - Armorcast

Armorcast, LLC manufactured larger scale miniatures for BattleTech from 1999 to 2007. Armorcast produced BattleTech miniatures in the 1/60 or 28mm scale using a combination of polyurethane resin and lead-free pewter. The arms and certain weapons could be swapped out, permitting different configurations for omni mechs. They only produced two clan omnimechs and one inner sphere mech, though it appears that production of additional omnimechs had been considered as a potential possibility.

Given the different scale and limited range of available mechs, these tended to function more as display pieces. However, Armorcast did post rules for large-scale BattleTech rules that it noted as being a slight alteration of the miniature rules in the BattleTech Master Rules. Using other model kits of similar scale (such as those for Macross/Robotech or Dougram), one could include units other than simply those produced by ArmorCast. A section about painting Armorcast BattleTech models was including in the painting section of Classic BattleTech Miniatures Rules published in 2003.

Armorcast was purchased in 2007 and renamed Armorcast Terrain. Armorcast Models was spun off and retained the license to produce Classic BattleTech models till the end of 2007 when it appeared to have ended operations. Some plans for Armorcast Terrain to renew the license beyond this date appear to have been floated, but such renewal does not appear to have occurred. An image gallery and the last Armorcast BattleTech webpages can be found at

Catalog Number Model Name Sculptor Parts Manufacturer Year Material
2320 Atlas Inner Sphere BattleMech M. Biasi 41 Armorcast 2002 Polyurethane resin and lead-free pewter
2557 Armored Flatbed Truck P. Miller Armorcast 2002
2510 Mad Cat Clan OmniMech M. Biasi 68 Armorcast 1999 Polyurethane resin and lead-free pewter
2511 Vulture Clan OmniMech M. Biasi 32 Armorcast 1999 Polyurethane resin and lead-free pewter
2551 Mech ER PPC Armorcast 2000
2552 Mech Twin ER Large Laser Armorcast 2000
2553 Mech Ultra AC/5 Armorcast 2000
2555 Mech Heavy Large Laser Armorcast 2000
2557 Vulture Triple Medium Pulse Laser Armorcast 2000
2558 Twin Large Pulse Laser Armorcast 2005
2559 Vulture/Ryoken Quad Medium Pulse Laser Armorcast 2005
2561 Streak SRM 6 Missile Launchers Armorcast 2005
2562 Mad Cat LRM 15 Missile Launchers Armorcast 2005
2563 Mad Cat LRM 20 Missile Launchers Armorcast 2005
2670 Clan Elemental Battle Armor T. DuPertuis and D. Summers 5 Armorcast 2004 Polyurethane resin and lead-free pewter