Minolta 9000 Advanced Sniper System

A Sniper of House Dai Da Chi holding a Minolta 9000


The Minolta 9000 Advanced Sniper System is a sniper rifle designed originally for members of House Liao's Death Commandos. Constructed from Endo-Steel and boasting a Myomer-enhanced recoil suppression and reloading system, it is light-weight and easily deployed. The rifle fires a modified 7.62mm bullet and achieves superior accuracy thanks to an integrated sighting scope.[1]



Item: Sniper Rifle (Minolta 9000)[2]
Equipment Rating: D/X-X-E/F
Armor Piercing/Base Damage: 5B/4
Range: 50/160/360/730 meters
Shots: 10
Cost/Reload: 1000/5
Affiliation: CC
Mass/Reload: 6kg/120g
Notes: -


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