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Mobile Structure

A Mobile Structure is a superlarge vehicular unit or structure that might otherwise be considered a building, except for the inherent mobility. They tend to be extremely expensive, leading to their rarity (and even uniqueness), and are most often restricted to locations in which their utility is affordable, such as wealthy planets. They may also be found in places in which wealthy corporations or governments value their utility, such as in harsh environments or resource-rich locales.[1] They are not designed, like other battlefield units, to a weight category but are classified by construction factor (light, medium, heavy or hardened), structure type (hangar, building, and fortress), and their motive environment (land, sea, and air).[2]

Two canon examples of mobile structures are the Rattler anti-Aerospace platform and the Wyrm SDS submersible fortress. The category Mobile Structures lists all articles detailing known canon mobile structures.

Tactical Operations is the most recent rulebook that supports mobile structures, providing rules on both their use and game construction.


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