Persephone (Individual Magellan-class JumpShip)

Vessel Profile
ClassMagellan (modified)


The Persephone was a Magellan-class JumpShip that had been modified beyond recognition, appearing to be a dilapidated freighter of indeterminate class. The weapons and HPG were removed. Secret compartments could hold contraband or specialized equipment, including a secret cargo bay that could accommodate up to four BattleMechs or vehicles. Besides its eight lifeboats it also had a shuttlebay for a single ST-46 shuttle.

The Persephone was deployed with the Explorer Corps after 3052 and in 3058 was sent on a covert mission to Schwartz to gather intelligence on Clan Smoke Jaguar forces there. Over the course of this mission the Persephone became entangled in the Manassas affair.[1]


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