Pride of Davion

This article is about the individual JumpShip. For the system, see Gibraltar.
Pride of Davion
Vessel Profile
Type JumpShip


The Pride of Davion was a JumpShip of unidentified type active during the twenty-ninth century. In early February 3136 one of the passengers aboard the Gibraltar, Andrea Aragones of GLT Recovery Inc., sent a message to Professor Herman Goodsell at Hall University. Aragones claimed that the Gibraltar had made an unscheduled stop for maintenance in the outward side of the Schedar system, and that she and another pair of scientists had taken the opportunity to do some survey work in the Schedar Oort cloud. Aragones also claimed to have discovered the remains of a two hundred year-old JumpShip by chance while cataloguing the Oort cloud, and that the ship she had discovered by chance was the Pride of Davion.[1]


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