Raven (Individual Intruder-class DropShip)

Vessel Profile
Type DropShip
Class Intruder


The Raven was an Intruder-class assault DropShip in service with the mercenary unit the Hessian Horseman in 3059. The Horsemen were commanded at the time by Countess Elsebeth van Tassel, a former Leftenant Colonel in the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth and a noble from Hamilton. During the first half of 3059 the Raven was deployed along with the Hessians in the Deep Periphery, tracking and ultimately defeating the pirate band Corazon's Cossacks in battles on Durham, Isfahan and Labbezanga.[1]

The Raven was one of two Intruders in service with the Horsemen at the time, serving alongside a sister ship, the Corvine; the Horsemen made extensive use of both ships for actions in space, using them to transport platoons of marines for boarding actions that seized two pirate JumpShips.[1]


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